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Homes for sale in the Mount Daniel Elementary School District in Falls Church VA

Falls Church Public Schools

Mount Daniel Elementary School serves grades PK-1 and is located at 2328 N Oak St Falls Church, VA 22046 (703) 248-5640  

Find homes near George Mason High School

Falls Church Public Schools

Homes for sale in the George Mason School District George Mason High School serves grades 8-12 and is located at 7124 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA 22043. The phone number is (703) 248-5500

Why are People Flocking to Fairfax County?

Fairfax County

Did you know that this booming metropolitan county exceeds the total population of seven American states and is the most populous region among city areas in not only Virginia, but also Washington? In fact, Fairfax County is home to a whopping 13% of its state’s total population. What is it about this Northern Virginian county […]

Properties For Sale at Lake Barcroft

Lake Barcroft real estate agents.

Falls Church is a suburb of Northern Virginia and within it lies the small lakeside community of Lake Barcroft. A main attraction is its accessibility from several key locations, such as D.C., Fort Myer and the Pentagon, which makes this area ideal for people looking for a residence location with a more suburban, small-town feel, […]

Condos For Sale At New Providence Village

Falls Church

New Providence Village Condos is located at 7721 Inversham Drive in Falls Church VA 22042. Map of New Providence Village.

Homes For Sale At Ravenwood

Seven Corners VA

Ravenwood is located at Seven Corners In Falls Church VA 22044. Map of Ravenwood.

About Jackson Middle School

Falls Church real estate

Luther Jackson Middle School serves grades 7-8 in the Fairfax County Public Schools System. Jackson Middle School is located at 3020 Gallows Rd Falls Church, VA 22042. The phone number for Jackson Middle is (703) 204-8100. The Principal of Jackson Middle School is Timothy Arrington.This school is part of the Falls Church High School Pyramid. […]

Facts About Longfellow Middle School

Falls Church

Longfellow Middle School serves grades 7-8 Is in the Fairfax County Public Schools System Longfellow Middle School is one of the top-ranked schools in Northern VA. Longfellow Middle School is located at 2000 Westmoreland St Falls Church, VA 22043 The phone number is (703) 533-2600 Has a business partnership with Barnes and Noble and Wheat […]

Skyline Plaza Market Update

flowering tree

Skyline Plaza is located at 3701 and 3705 S George Mason Dr. Falls Church Virginia 22041, near Leesburg Pike (Route 7), I-395, and between Eisenhower Ave and Bailey’s Crossroads. Skyline Plaza was built in 1973, it’s a 15 minute commute to D.C. Amenities include: 24 Hour Security Children’s Playground Storage Space Outdoor pool Sauna Gym Party/Club Room […]

Where is Jackson Middle School?


With a student body of 125 students, Jackson Middle School strives to embrace the middle school philosophy of i nstructional and physical organization. Students are sorted into teams in which they are taught to work hard together to obtain success. Special features of the school include: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), World Languages, […]