What do real estate agents do?

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Real estate agents act as go-betweens for buyers and sellers of real estate property. With certain exceptions, anyone who assists with the sale of real estate in the Commonwealth of Virginia is required to be licensed by the state.  Each and every real estate agents must be affiliated with a real estate broker. A broker is a real estate profession who has higher educational requirements and who has a minimum of three years of full-time experience as a real estate agent. A realtor is a real estate agent or broker who is a member of the National Association of Realtors. As a realtor, agents and brokers agree to ascribe to a high standard of ethics and participate in continuing education programs.

In most cases, a real estate agent works for one party, either the buyer or seller, renter or landlord. The agent uses his or her specialized training to best represent the clients’ best interests. In some cases, the agent will work in a dual capacity representing both sides of the transaction.  In all cases, the agent’s first duty is to truth and honesty. But when you choose a real estate agent, don’t be afraid to ask about what obligations state law imposes.

Some agencies have up-front fees or retainers.  It’s okay to shop around and to interview several agents and agencies to find the one that you feel most
comfortable working with, but it’s only fair to the agent and to yourself to settle on one agent to sell or buy a home. Although it is your right and duty as a consumer to shop around, it is unethical and unfair to work with more than one agent at a time. An experienced agent will always ask if you already have representation. This way the agent won’t waste his time or accidentally interfere with the relationship you already have.

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Comparison of Education Rates to Alexandria

Index Alexandria Virginia National
Completed Doctorate 2.5% 2.5% 0.5%
Completed Professional Degree 8.8% 7.0% 1.5%
Completed Masters 24.8% 14.2% 5.9%
Completed Bachelors 54.3% 30.2% 13.9%
Completed Associates Degree 58.7% 37.3% 18.4%
Completed Some College 74.2% 58.4% 35.7%
Completed High School 86.8% 78.4% 58.6%
Completed 8th Grade 88.4% 84.6% 69.3%
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Source: “Alexandria, VA Education – Colleges and Universities,” Area Vibes (July 21, 2014)

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Why are People Flocking to Fairfax County?

Did you know that this booming metropolitan county exceeds the total population of seven American states and is the most populous region among city areas in not only Virginia, but also Washington? In fact, Fairfax County is home to a whopping 13% of its state’s total population.

Fairfax County districts

What is it about this Northern Virginian county that caused an estimate of 1,015,302 (as of the April 2008 consensus) to make this part of the country their dwelling place?

Formed in 1742 from the northern part of Prince William County, and named after Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, this county is bordered by Potomac River and friendly neighboring regions such as Arlington County, Alexandria, Falls Church, Loudoun County and Prince William County.

Studies conducted have shown that most of the adult citizens, who call Fairfax County their home, are four-year college degree holders and a good number of them have reached even higher educational attainment.

Research has also shown that, aside from being the first county in the US to achieve a median household income of six figures, Fairfax also has the second highest median household income (next to Loudoun County) among counties with 250,000 or more residents.

With those statistics in mind, potential residents can have some level of assurance that they are living among some of the best citizens the nation has to offer. It can also be a plus that they’ll be able to rub elbows with the county’s upper class society.

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Aside from that, Fairfax offers people, who are considering the county as their abode, residential areas that will surely fit their unique tastes and preferences. Residential communities like Kingstowne and Burke can give the suburban comfort and security that citizens may be looking for. Meanwhile, areas like Vienna, Huntington or the inner Beltway bustle of Bailey’s Crossroads can offer the convenient accessibility and metropolitan flair required by those more accustomed to a fast-paced, urbanite lifestyle.

With all that Fairfax County has to offer, no wonder people are rushing in to make it their home!

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Seal of Fairfax County Virginia
If you're shopping for a home in a particular school district, we have every home listed for sale in every school district in Fairfax County. Because Fairfax County such a large school system there's not enough space here to list all the schools but you'll find them in the links below.

Green Spring Gardens

Green Spring Gardens is located at 4603 Green Spring Road in Alexandria, Virginia. Through educational programming and learning-oriented gardening sites, the mission of Green Spring Gardens is to advance awareness and promote the practice of gardening in Northern Virginia.

Visitors to the Gardens can stroll through 5 acres of gardening plots and may attend classes at the Visitor Center. In addition, guests can research gardening questions or explore the Green Spring Garden ecosystem in an educational setting at the horticultural library. Green Spring Gardens is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 12 noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday; admission is free. Call 703-642-5173 for more information.

Fairfax County Public Schools Named “Achievement District”

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is one of 388 school districts in the U.S. to be named an Advanced Placement (AP) Achievement District by the College Board.  The list recognizes school districts that make AP courses available to a broader pool of students as well as maintain or increase the percentage of students who earn a score of 3 or higher on AP tests.

To be named an AP Achievement District, school districts must:

  • Increase participation in or access to AP courses by at least four percent (for large school systems).
  • Show a steady or increasing percentage of exams taken by minority students, including African American, Hispanic, and Native American students.
  • Maintain or improve performance levels when comparing the percentage of exams scoring a 3 or higher in 2010 to those in 2008, or if a school already has 70 percent of AP students scoring a 3 or higher.

From 2008 to 2010, FCPS increased the number of students participating in AP from 14,220 in 2008 to 15,270 in 2010 while improving the percentage of students earning AP exam scores of 3 or higher, the score typically needed to earn college credit, from 72 percent in 2008 to 74 percent in 2010.

Projected enrollment for Fairfax County Public Schools for the current school year is 175,296.  It is the largest school district in the state and the 11th largest in the U.S.



Northern Virginia Community College Loundoun Campus Sterling VA

Northern Virginia Community College located just off of Harry Flood Byrd Highway, 1000 Harry Flood Byrd Highway Sterling, VA 20164, is a great way to begin your college career. Six Northern Virginia Community College Campuses are offered in the region making it more convenient to learn without the fear of distance. Parking is available on each campus and a parking pass can be purchased as well.

College credits can be earned that count towards transferring to a four year university of your choice. Students are able to create their own schedules providing all the flexibility needed to enhance future careers. Several programs are offered to obtain degrees and certificates such as Allied Health and Nursing Programs, Accounting, Administration of Justice, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, American Sign Language to English Interpretation, Automotive Technology, Business Management, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, and many more.

Summer, spring, and fall courses are given making year round study possible. Online courses can be taken in addition and with so many campuses, it’s easy to make good connections with teachers and councilors to make college life adjustment simple. Here quality education is affordable and accessible to everyone.

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Chantilly Regional Library in Chantilly VA

The library that caters to all

The Chantilly Regional Library

Located just off of Stringfellow road: 4000 Stringfellow Road Chantilly, VA 20151-2627, The Chantilly Regional Library is a short commute for local Chantilly residents. It is nearby Greenbriar Shopping Center containing several restaurants, stores, a gas station, and a Giant grocery store. Bus stations are located across the street and as you are entering the library as well as bike racks making transportation simple and very accessible.

The Chantilly Regional Library is designed to fit the needs and desires of kids, teens, and adults of every age group. Equipped with internet stations containing free wireless internet, researching and web surfing are available at the touch of a button. Quiet atmosphere, group tables, and stocked book shelves containing thousands of genres loaded with information create a great combination for those in need of a study area. Also available are meeting rooms open to the public perfect for discussions of any kind.

The library isn’t just limited to studying areas and meeting rooms, there are plenty of activities available too! Author events, musical performances, book sales, and discussion groups are had on a monthly basis. There is even a children’s area filled with books that will interest any young mind. It is definitely safe to say this is a full service library.

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What Schools Have the Highest Ratings in Northern VA?

Based on several local surveys and performance reviews, here are the schools in Northern Virginia that have been recognized as the cream of the crop when it comes to quality education:

According to a Washington Post article, the following are the Top 5 elementary schools in Northern Virginia:

  1. McKinley Elementary
  2. School Vision: “The McKinley community envisions a strong and nurturing learning environment in which students demonstrate respect for self and others. Students meet established performance standards focusing on learning core subjects. The students have a variety of experiences that broaden their views of the world.”

    McKinley Elementary is located in North McKinley Road, Arlington, Virginia. It ranks on the top spot of top rating schools in Northern Virginia, because 79% of the school’s students rated as “advanced” (the highest among three levels). The rating was determined through a series of state tests.

  3. Key Center School
  4. School Vision: “Key Center School creates an educational climate where diversity and individuality are celebrated and respected, and where all staff continually strive to maximize the potential of each student through increasingly higher expectations.”

    Springfield City of Fairfax County is home to Key Center School, which ranks second on the list with 77% of its students in the “advanced” level (jumping from 64% in a span of five years).

  5. Churchill Road Elementary
  6. McLean, Virginia – along Churchill Road – is the location of Churchill Road Elementary, the elementary school snagging the third spot on the list with a rating of a 77% (from 55% in 2003).

  7. Greenbriar West Elementary
  8. Greenbriar West Elementary is located at Poplar Tree Road in the Chantilly Area of Fairfax County Virginia. It ranks 4th even as it shows a significant leap in its ratings from 47% in 2003 to 77% five years later.

  9. Louise Archer Elementary
  10. Located in Nutley Street, Vienna, Virginia, Louise Archer Elementary completes the top 5 list belting a 76% rating from 2003’s 64%.

According to a performance review done by Northern Virginia Magazine, the following are the Top 5 high schools in Northern Virginia:

  1. Thomas Jefferson High School – located in Alexandria, Virginia
  2. Langley High School – located in Mclean, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.
  3. McLean High School – located in Mclean, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.
  4. George Mason High School – located in Falls Church, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.
  5. W.T. Woodson High School – located in Fairfax, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.