About the Vienna Community Center

The business and staff offices of the Town of Vienna Virginia is at the Vienna Community Center. As such, the Vienna Community Center is also the main location for the Parks and Recreation Department of the Town of Vienna. The Community Center is located at 120 Cherry Street, SE Vienna, VA 22180.

In addition to general office space, the Community Center has space here for classes and programs. Contact the Town of Vienna to schedule and allocate space for activities and user groups. The Town’s offices are open from 8am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. The office is closed on holidays.

Community Center Hours:

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8am-10:30pm Monday-Friday
8am-10:00pm Saturday
Noon-9pm Sunday

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Community Center Master Plan Reviewed by Residents of Montebello

Montebello’s thirty year old Community Center was the focus of the town meetings that took place on September 8th and 12th, according to Barbara Boykin (2013). The Community Center Master Plan (CCMP) is comprised of 19 possible

Will Nesbitt, Julie Nesbitt, and Stuart Nesbitt appear in the Montebello news letter

improvements that range in cost from $1000 to $852,305 (Boykin 2013). “Residents were asked to review the CCMP and indicate their priorities, as part of the ongoing development of the plan” said Boykin.

“President Doug Kennett or Vice President Greg Bender, Planning and Design Committee Chair Ford Chinworth, Thomas Kerns of Kerns Group Architects (KGA) gave an overview of the plan’s contents” said Boykin (2013). The CCMP, initiated in 2011, serves as an outline of possible projects to be developed, after the Fitness Center is completed, which is supposed to take place around 2015 (Boykin 2013).

Proposed enhancements are divided into three categories: site/exterior, lower level, and main level (Boykin 2013). The most expensive renovations include the redesign and relocation of amenities and offices on the main level. Proposed changes include the removal of raised floors in the lounge and café, expanded café seating, a market space reduction, and enlarged entries and restrooms (Boykin 2013). If the changes go through, the administrative offices would be changed to allow for more efficient office and meeting space (Boykin 2013).


Boykin, Barbara. “Residents Asked to Review Community Center Master Plan.” The Times of Montebello [Alexandria] 1 Aug. 2013: 1&5. Print.

Lyon Park Woman’s Club

The Lyon Park Woman’s Club was established in 1925 and historically functioned like a traditional woman’s club, supporting various charities. Currently, its a neighborhood societal club and members engage in activities that support the Lyon Park Community Center. The Woman’s Club sponsors several community events. For example, the club held a fresh produce sale around Thanksgiving.

LPWC sponsors the annual Lyon Park Yard Sale, and has had several very successful bake sales.  For information about the Woman’s Club and it’s activities check here.

They Lyon Park Woman’s Club meets together socially and engages in activities supporting the Lyon Park Community Center and Park. It has held a fresh produce sale around Thanksgiving, sponsors the annual Lyon Park Yard Sale, and has had several very successful bake sales. For information about the Woman’s Club or its activities, contact Jeannette Wick (email: newsedads (at) lyonparkcitizens.org, phone 703-524-8531).

Although its name implies the group is for women, men are also welcome. And some members live outside Lyon Park, making the Woman’s Club a way for nonresidents who have an interest in the Community Center and Park to get involved. Pot-luck lunch meetings are scheduled on the 4th Tuesday of each month at noon, from September to May.

Thomas Jefferson Community Center

The Thomas Jefferson Community Center is located at 3501 2nd Street S., in Arlington, VA 22204. The facilities at TJ Community Center include:

  • a (50 person capacity) Meeting room,
  • game room,
  • art studios (pottery, photography, jewelry and wood working),
  • gymnasium,
  • indoor track,
  • accessible pre-school and school-aged playgrounds,
  • basketball courts (outdoor),
  • tennis courts with lights (outdoor),
  • fitness trail,
  • soccer field,
  • par course,
  • fitness center,
  • accessible public restrooms,
  • showers, changing rooms, lockers,
  • towel service,
  • sauna,
  • pay phone,
  • water fountain, and
  • vending machines (snack/beverage).

Hours vary depending upon the time of year, but the center is generally open 7 days a week. For more information call 703-228-5920.

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