The Jamieson condominiums at the top of Westin Alexandria Hotel

High-rise condominium at 2050 Jamieson Ave Alexandria VA

The Jamieson is situated near the heart of Carlyle District of Alexandria VA at 2050 Jamieson Ave in Alexandria VA 22314. Just around the corner, The United States Patent and Trademark Office can be found, as well as Albert V. Bryan U.S Courthouse. The Jamieson blends well in the Carlyle District. The Jamieson is within walking distance to a Jerry’s, and a 711. Jamieson condos are near Carlyle Towers and the Royalton condos. There is a Wholefoods grocery within walking distance of the Jamieson.

Though it isn’t out of place among the condos and homes in the Carlyle District surrounding it, there is something quite unique about the Jamieson that sets it apart from nearby condos. It is, after all, the only condo in the 22314 zip code that you can find located on top of a hotel. Yes. If you’re looking for the Jamieson, you can find it atop the Westin Alexandria Hotel. Hotel patrons do not have access to any parts of the Jamieson condos, but condo residents do have access to all the Jamieson amenities, including fitness, food and even cleaning services. Residents can even get discounted rooms for their guests.

Enjoy the sights at Jamieson comfortably in peace

Amenities of the building:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Reserved and Valet Parking
  • Maid Service
  • Catering
  • Rooftop Terrace

The units are designed with utmost quality to meet expectations within the Carlyle District. Rich, hardwood flooring in living and dining rooms, elegant and exquisite tile flooring in bathrooms and kitchens, granite countertops and vanities, stainless steel appliances along with expansive windows with breathtaking views can be enjoyed in units of Jamieson condominiums.
The building is unique, but the units themselves have the quality and details that shoppers in the Carlyle District have come to expect in most homes in this neighborhood:

  • Rich, hardwood floors in living/dining rooms
  • Elegant tile floors in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Granite countertops and vanities
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Reserved parking
  • Expansive windows many with beautiful views
Quality designs to fit the Carlyle District expectations


  • The Jamieson is a luxury condominium with a remarkable location in Carlyle District
  • Nearby is the King Street metro, just a short walk away
  • The United State Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) is close to the Jamieson

Condos for sale at the Jamieson

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Alexandria’s African American Heritage Museum

African Americans have been an important part of the Alexandria’s history and vibrant community back to the city’s founding in 1749. Both as enslaved people and as free men and women, African-Americans have contributed to the city’s tapestry of life benefiting the community of Alexandria with rich economic and cultural contributions. Alexandria was a key city during the US Civil War and though Robert E. Lee is one of the city’s sons, the city was quickly occupied by the Union and remained in Federal hands through-out the war.

After the war the city was segregated but a defining moment in the history of segregation in Alexandria occurred in 1939 when five young African-American men staged a “sit-in” at the city’s segregated Queen Street Library. The young men brought focus to the issue of the inequality of educational opportunities and as a result Alexandria built the Robert Robinson Library in 1940. This library was used by African-Americans until desegregation in the early 1960’s. Today, that structure is a foundational element of the Alexandria Black History Museum.

Alexandria Black History Museum
902 Wythe Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: (703) 838-4356
Fax: (703) 706-3999

In time, additional sites were added to the museum. At the eastern bound of the Carlyle District one will find the Alexandria African American Heritage Park. Next door to the Museum, the Watson Reading Room houses a non-circulating collection of books, videos, documents, and periodicals on African-American life and culture.

The African American Museum is a source of pride for all Alexandrians. The museum has a calendar of events and rotating exhibits, so check back even if you have already been to the museum. From Benjamin Banneker in Alexandria’s earliest days, to Dr. Albert Johnson to Samuel Wilbert Tucker during the Civil Rights Movement, Alexandria is a focal point in that courageous and audacious journey that led to the diverse, vibrant and prosperous Alexandria of today.

You might be surprised by what you’ll find in the Carlyle District

Carlyle Towers is located in the Carlyle District not far from the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria VA. This area is served by Yellow and Blue Line trains with stops at the Eisenhower Metro Station and King Street Station.

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A White Christmas at Carlyle Towers

I thought today might be a good day to remember Snowmageddon from a few years back.

Snow at the Royalton in Alexandria VA

Map of real estate for sale at Royalton

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What’s so great about a condo?

There are many types of condominiums.   Some condos look like houses or townhouses; most look like high-rises or garden-style apartments. Even though a condo can look look like a townhouse or house, owning a condo differs from owing a fee simple property in many ways. There are aspects of condo living that some may view as advantages or disadvantages, and you should be aware of these before you buy.

Nothern Virginia Condo Experts

Here are a few basic benefits and considerations of condo living to help you make your decision.

The City

Busy folk who love being close to the action often choose a condominium because condo developments most often occur in the city. In the Carlyle District, in Arlington and places like Skyline Square, land is at a premium. But in all these examples, your condo is well served by public transportation. These condos are also close to the culture and opportunities of the city.

Of course the downside to being in town is that you’re in the city—that means traffic, hustle and bustle and other disadvantages of living downtown. For example, the USPTO is crawling with people during rush hour. Crystal City
is a pass-thru for many many commuters. Most homes and townhomes have a lawn or yard of some kind, but few condo owners have a yard or personal green space.

Community Living

A condominium owner is part of a community. The community lifestyle has many advantages. For example, the owner of a condo can leave things on a whim. There is no yard to worry about, and the building is secure. Neighbors and condo staff will watch the property while you’re on travel or vacation. Most condos in Alexandria, Arlington, Crystal City and Falls Church have security features such as buzzers, a concierge or a guard service. If you travel often for business or pleasure (or if this is a second home), there are no worries while you’re out of pocket. Many condos have clubs, activities and the opportunity to socialize with neighbors.

But, shared walls and common areas mean that you are more likely to hear your neighbors. If you need your home to be a hideaway where you can escape from people, you have to deal with the fact that you might encounter neighbors in the hallway. Nosy neighbors are found everywhere, but it’s a lot easier for them to keep tabs on you as you come and go in a condo. The community will set standards and make decisions about common areas. For example, many condo association have rules about pets so that the common areas are not over-run with pets and pet debris.

The Association

You can take part in the decision making (by voting or by being a board member), but you must abide by the rules of the community. As you may know, condos are governed by a set of rules called Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). This can include restrictions on noise levels, pet ownership, renovations, and even what kind of curtains you can put in your windows.

Every unit owner is a member of the condo association, which also has an elected board. The association serves to enforce bylaws, handles maintenance and repair issues, etc.Because the condo association is made up of homeowners rather than property-management professionals, the association may be weak and inefficient. Most associations oversee a paid management firm.

Also, if you want to make renovations to your unit or rent your unit out, you may have to get approval from the condo association.This purpose of this oversight is most usually designed to make sure that you don’t remove any load bearing walls or short circuit community electricity.


Homeowners have a lot to worry about, but condo owners on the other hand …

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Condo owners generally don’t mow lawns. They don’t clean gutters. They don’t even have to hire or pay landscapers. In a condominium someone else takes care of the exterior, the common areas, the snow removal and more. For example, someone else makes sure there’s money enough to pay for the new roof.

Of course, that service comes at a price: the monthly condo fees. The association collects these fees to pay for maintenance and repair of the common areas. All homeowners pay for maintenance, but the owner of a single family residence can save money by mowing his own lawn. The owner of a single family home can defer payment a little longer if money is tight. Of course, by aggregating the fees of maintenance, condominium owners often have enough money to pay for amenities that are not common in a single family residence. For example, a swimming pool is pretty standard in a condo.


Some condos in Northern Virginia list are every bit as expensive as single family houses elsewhere. Condos in Crystal City, condos in Arlington and condos in Alexandria (especially in the Carlyle District) can be quite pricey. But some condos are surprisingly affordable. This makes a great option for first-time buyers and singles who may find single-family houses unaffordable. Condominiums are more sensitive to trends in the real estate market than single-family homes. Now that the prices have dropped there are some tremendous bargains for shoppers.


Most condominium developments offer a range of amenities in the common areas. It’s pretty standard in Northern Virginia to have access to a swimming pool, gym or tennis courts in most condo complexes.

Condominiums are found in all shapes, sizes, prices and types. Are you looking for a high-rise condo, a mid-rise or a garden-style condo? Maybe you'd prefer a townhouse?

The term "garden-style" condo usually refers to a condominium residence in a building that has less than three stories. Most garden-style condos have balconies or patios for each residence. Many garden-style condos have a main entrance that opens to a common-area hallway. Additional common areas include the green space and "gardens" surrounding the structures. If you're interested in garden-style condos you'll have a lot of options in Northern Virginia.

From the suburban feel of Kingstowne to the central location of Bolling Brook from the vintage charm of Belle View to the chic feel of Carlyle Square, are just some of the many Northern Virginia condominium communities we feature.

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Alexandria National Cemetery


The Arlington National Cemetery is recognized around the country and around the world, but nearby is a similar treasure from our nation’s heritage: the Alexandria National Cemetery.

The Alexandria National Cemetery is located in the City of Alexandria VA

Arlington National Cemetery was featured in Gardens of Stone and numerous other feature films. This has no doubt added to Arlington’s mystique and celebrity. Arlington Cemetery was carved from the farm of Robert E. Lee, a native of Alexandria. This is one of many connections between Arlington and Alexandria National Cemeteries.

The five acres of Alexandria National Cemetery are tiny compared to Arlington’s 612 acres. Newcomers and those who don’t know the history of the area may be surprised to learn that while Alexandria was a colonial era settlement, Arlington is a relatively new creation. (Check out Alexandria’s best real estate deal ever!)

Alexandria National Cemetery predates the cemetery in Arlington and is in some ways the reason for Arlington’s existence. Alexandria National Cemetery was established during the Civil War in 1862 as one of the original 14 national cemeteries.

The first four acres of Alexandria National Cemetery were purchased by the US government from what was to be Spring Garden Farm.  By 1870, the United States purchased additional land to bring the cemetery up to its current size.

The first burials made in Alexandria National Cemetery were soldiers who died during training for the Civil War. Additionally, some casualties were sick or diseased soldiers from one of the numerous hospitals around Alexandria. The death and destruction wrought by the Civil War exceeded all expectations. It was evident that Alexandria National Cemetery would be woefully short of the needs imposed by the War. By 1864, Alexandria National Cemetery was nearly filled to capacity. In large part, the shortage of space in Alexandria led to the planning, development and construction of Arlington National Cemetery.

After the Civil War, improvements were made to the design of Alexandria National Cemetery and by 1871 the cemetery had added a fountain, a cobblestone avenue and graveled walkways. A wrought-iron rostrum, a small pond and a greenhouse were added as well. The primary building on grounds is a brownstone structure—the superintendent’s lodge.  The lodge dating to 1870 is the oldest surviving building on the grounds. The lodge is constructed in a style and with materials popular from the era and perhaps best recognized in the the Smithsonian Institution’s “Castle,” and the U.S. Capitol floor and rotunda door frames.

Many of the graves at Alexandria National Cemetery date to the Civil War era

Like other national cemeteries, the Alexandria National Cemetery featured a “comfort station” built in 1887. This building is one of only a few such structures to survive to the present day. In 1927, the station significantly altered by adding a dining room and converting the facility into a kitchen/store room and tool-shed/toilet. The entire cemetery is surrounded by a wall of Seneca sandstone with River Blue Stone coping. (This is the same material used to build the superintendent’s lodge.) Visitors gain entry by passing through a 12-foot wide ornamental cast-iron gate at the Wilkes Street entrance.

In the 1930’s the flagpole was added and in 1995 the cemetery was added to the National Register of Historic places. There is no grave locator or kiosk on the grounds and the cemetery only has room for cremated remains and certain relatives of persons already buried at Alexandria National Cemetery.

Among other notable persons buried at the Alexandria National Cemetery are several “Buffalo Soldiers“—a nickname for several Cavalry Regiments of the US Army. Several African-American regiments of Buffalo Soldiers were formed during the Civil War to fight alongside the Union Army. Among these were the famed 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and many United States Colored Troops Regiments.  After the Civil War, the Buffalo Soldiers were established by Congress as the first peacetime all-black regiments in the regular U.S. Army. It is fitting that these soldiers are buried near Alexandria’s African American Heritage Park.

Together with the African American Heritage Park the Alexandria National Cemetery makes up the eastern boundary of the Carlyle District.


Carlyle Living

The USPTO’s glass cuts a striking line in Alexandria’s skyline.

Finding a new place to live in Alexandria might not be as hard as you think.  If you are looking for something new and fresh then the Carlyle district might be a great option.  This area is located next to Old Town Alexandria but doesn’t take away from the flavor and charm of city living.  It includes condos and high rises that are complete with office buildings, restaurants and metro access.

Several local businesses are located off of John Carlyle which in include Grant Thornton & the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  The options for transportation couldn’t better with easy access to bus stops and the metro.  This neighborhood gives access to all the things many commuters and business professionals find important.  The dining options are endless and you don’t have to go far.  Many of them are a few steps away.  I enjoyed walking the streets and often felt as if I was in the middle of rush hour on foot.  The streets were lined with business men and women walking from one destination to the other.

The great thing about living here is that if you ever have company you can have comfort and knowing that there are hotels minutes away and includes a number of local sites to take them to.  If you are interested in finding a new hip, modern, and classy location, you should consider Carlyle.  A few locations to check out would be Carlyle Towers, Carlyle Square, and Royalton Condos.

Homes for sale in the Carlyle District of Alexandria VA