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Charming lower level unit in the popular Belle View Community. Enjoy the community pool and tennis courts. You are just steps from the running / biking path along the Potomac. Just 5 Minutes from Old Town Alexandria and a short drive to DC or a Metro less than 3 miles. Laundry and storage in the same building, across the hall. Ceramic Tile and Laminate Hardwood throughout. [6604 Boulevard Vw #J, Alexandria, VA]

As profiled ("Three-bedroom, one-bathroom condo in Alexandria lists for $270,000") by The Washington Post on 12/25/17: "943 square feet, with hardwood floors throughout the unit. The kitchen has been updated with granite counters and cherry cabinets. Pets are allowed, and parking in the community is included in the sales price. The condo fee covers gas and water bills and a walk-in storage unit." [6622 10th St #B2, Alexandria, VA]

Sun-Drenched 1 bed/1 bath basement condo in popular, convenient Belle View. Features built-in bookcase, updated bathroom & kitchen, new dishwasher. Close to shopping, bus, metro, GW Parkway, Old Town, MGM National Harbor, DC, Belvoir, Bolling, Pentagon, 495. Amenities include swimming pool, storage, bike racks, dog park, tennis & basketball courts, Condo fees include water & gas. You pay electric. [6618j Potomac Ave #J, Alexandria, VA]

Window planters, courtyard setting, refinished, warm stained hardwoods, updated windows. Bright kitchen w/updated subway tile backslash & gas range. Built-in shelving. Large bedroom w/EXTRA closet! Pools, tennis courts & playgrounds. Next to Belle View shopping center w/Safeway, bakery, restaurants & shopping. Close to Old Town Alexandria, DC, Pentagon, Airport, Bell Haven Marina & GW trails. [1406 Belle View Blvd #A1, Alexandria, VA]

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$229,900 at Montebello
$227,900 at Montebello
$330,000 at Montebello
$234,500 at Montebello
$287,500 at Montebello
$339,500 at Montebello

Why the Games must be Played

Did you fall under the spell of the Cubs?

The playoffs are a magical time of year.  This beautiful part of the baseball season gives us the ability to follow our favorite team and be either filled with joy or beaten down in defeat.  This season a recurring or regurgitating story stole headlines from coast to coast.  It’s almost as if the World Series was already won in April and the rest of us just had to wait it out to get to the trophy presentation.

Not so fast.  Teams on paper or even ones that were created in the movies seldom pan out the way people expect.  Why, you ask – simple really – there’s a great game going on and it must be played on the field, not on paper.  This season’s example was the Chicago Cubs, who are beat on every year because they haven’t won the World Series in over a hundred years.  Well, be that as it may, some franchises have never won (Tampa Bay, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, San Diego, Milwaukee, Houston and Texas).  So, while we pick on the Cubs, many have realized that this success doesn’t come easily.  You can have the best team ever assembled and still fall short.

Somber Look of Defeat

Don’t hate your team or it’s management, just because you didn’t go all the way this season, enjoy the ride.  This is a beautiful game and it’s meant to be enjoyed.  It is a game, by the way.  No matter what it feels like to you.  Another thing, don’t always believe what you see in the movies – they’re meant as entertainment.  This season has proven just that.

Are you ready to find a new place to watch your sports or movies?  Check out the links below.

Old Town feels small town, upscale and touristy. For most folks there is a bit of prestige attached to an Old Town address. There are two high rises near the waterfront at the Alexandria House and Port Royal. Some folks call the Torpedo Factory condos the "flagship Old Town" because of their fantastic location.

Old Town Alexandria has many townhouses, row houses and a smaller number single family homes. Click Old Town to search listings of properties in Old Town Alexandria.

Historic Old Town Alexandria is on the Potomac River.

Here are some possible choices, ready for you right now:

Why the Baseball Season is NOT over

Is your team eliminated from the MLB playoffs?  Did your team fail to make the playoffs?

If you answered yes to either one of these questions, please keep reading.  I am a supporter of a team no longer in the quest for another championship, because they have been eliminated from contention.  This will not end the season, for me.  I love baseball and I love the ups and downs of not only the regular season, but the playoffs as well.  To watch my team go down was not fun and it never is either.  I have, however, come to some realizations over the years supporting my team, the Cardinals and I will share some with you now.

First of all, it’s almost acceptable to not continue on to the World Series every year and it’s also okay to not get upset because of being eliminated.  How can I say this so calmly, even though I have a crazy passion for my team?  The answer is simple, but a bit complex for some people to accept.  I’ve had this talk with young and old people alike from different cities, states and countries.  I’ve even had the talk in different countries with sports fans and it seems there are people all over the fence on this subject.

I love my team.  More than that, I love the game of baseball.  The game continues on and will do so, with or without my input and participation.  Since this is the case, I would much rather be involved and take sides all the way to the end of the last game of the World Series.  Only one team will win, no matter what happens during the season, this will not change.  The odds of winning it all are very slim.  Accepting this makes it easier for me to deal with being ousted from contention.

My support, as of today, is with one team that is from a city that I love and I loved visiting.  This team is actually in the league that I prefer and they are playing a team that I don’t particularly support, because they are from the same division as my favorite team.  I am supporting the New York Mets and I hope they go all the way.  It’s been a number of years since they hoisted that beautiful trophy and I hope they enjoy the feeling again.  In 1969 they were called the Amazing Mets (or ‘Mazings if you prefer).  The fans of the team are getting enthralled once again, expecting big things.

No matter who I pull for, when watching or listening to the games on the MLB app, at least I still have the fun stress of the games to feel and I love it.  This time of year has many sports in their regular seasons, but for me, baseball is still here – for a bit longer.

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A Few Reasons I Love the Playoffs, No Matter What

What does Playoff Time Feel Like?

I am a huge baseball fan and I love rooting for my team, The St. Louis Cardinals win or lose.  I count down the days until Opening Day every off season and absolutely love the tradition involved with the scene at Busch Stadium every year on Opening Day, watching the Clydesdale’s and motorcade of players.  This time of year, however, is quite different than any other in the world of sports.

Fan expression of opinion (2006)

Hockey and football are well underway and the playoffs just started for major league baseball.  It is quite an awesome feeling I get when my team clinches the division championship, which has happened three years in a row now.  The feeling after winning a World Series and going downtown to watch the parade in the streets of St. Louis can’t be beat by anything.  But, the ride itself is special.  The 162 game marathon with it’s nuances is entertaining, to say the least.  I don’t say this just to throw out phony alternative feelings to the high I get being a fan of my team, but the road to the playoffs is genuinely thrilling.

The highs and lows that are thrown at us as fans of the game are at times almost too much to swallow.  The feeling that is thrust upon us when our favorite player is helped off the field because he just crashed into the wall and hurt himself, maybe severely is not something that can be manufactured.  These guys that I root for I will never know as friends, but they sure feel like it after all these years.

K Michael Nesbitt at the game

I have the shirts, bobble heads and ticket stubs to display proudly proving, yeah – when we lost in 2004, I was there.  The extreme emotional swings that this ride takes me on is what it’s all about.  Knowing that somewhere out there in this vast world there is another fan thinking just as much about their team hoping they beat us tonight it – well – awesome!  I love seeing all the opposing teams shirts, jerseys and pennants with all of their different color schemes.  I don’t hate the other teams at all.  I used to have those feelings towards the opposite teams and their fans, but years ago I figured it all out.

Without the other teams, we simply wouldn’t have the sport and more importantly my team.  The importance of fans and their support can never be fully appreciated.  Fan support in baseball is directly related to the success of the franchise and vice versa.  It is also directly related to the level of effort at times of the home team.  Crowd support at home and quality upper management of the team’s funds make a team either successful or otherwise.  I am extremely lucky and happy at the same time that I have an ownership group in charge of my team that is so tirelessly in tune with improving this team.  Year in, year out, the squad is ready to go.

This season is a perfect example of how things can go with the right amount of support from a fan base and ownership group.  The crowds that packed Busch Stadium this season and enjoyed many an evening at Ball Park Village, just over the left field wall, have put this franchise, once again, in a great position financially for next season.  Options that otherwise wouldn’t exist simply have become normal for this team.  If we need to make a big splash to acquire a free agent, if he has proven himself worthy, we can.  If we need some help from down on the farm, we have youth ready to come up and contribute to the big league squad.   This point is well appreciated when I see a season like this past one go by.  The amount of severe and repeat injuries to key players this season was unbelievable.  What’s more unbelievable is the success that we enjoyed in the standings, despite this.  Wonderful control of the day to day operations of the team by the ownership group has allowed this to happen.  What’s more, we still have a chance to win.  The players who took the spots of integral regulars in the lineup, make this franchise the success that it has been for years.  Because of this, the team is poised to be just as successful for years to come.

All of this, the ownership preparation and fan support is focused on getting to today, the playoffs and a battle with a divisional foe looking to change their history – forever.  Tonight is game four of the NLDS and the Cardinals have their backs against the wall, a familiar spot for us.  If we get past tonight successfully, game five at Busch will be tense for sure.  If the opposition wins out this evening, I will tip my cap and congratulate them.  This game is one constant in my life and I’m happy to embrace it as I have.  The love of the game was given to me by my parents at an early age and it’s not going away any time soon.  Are you playoff ready?

Benefits of living near Barcroft Park

Barcroft Park

Barcroft Park is 65 acres of highly-maintained family oriented recreational facilities. Barcroft supports a variety of sports and family activities.  Barcroft is the home for several baseball leagues as there are 5 baseball diamonds with bleachers here. Four of these fields are for youth; one is for one adults. There is a batting cage to support the baseball community.

Barcroft has a a lighted rectangular playing field for sports like soccer, football or rugby. This field has a synthetic surface, concession stand, restrooms, and goals. Other sports are also supported by:

  • a basketball court;
  • two new tennis courts (opened in 2007);
  • a volleyball court;
  • a handball court;
  • and horseshoe pit.

At this location, Barcroft Sports and Fitness Center has a gymnasium to support several indoor sports. The gymnasium has everything needed
for a boxer to train. This includes a boxing room with speed and punching bags, sparring ring, and floor exercise area. The gym can also host basketball, floor hockey, and indoor soccer. On-site, there are a variety of classes such as

  • aerobics,
  • boxing/kick boxing,
  • and gymnastics.

For the benefit of picnickers and visitors the park has three water fountains, a rental picnic shelter, picnic tables, charcoal grills. There is also a paved path throughout the park to walk, jog or bike. That path has a bridge, and stream.

Hours for the park are sunrise to half hour after sunset except on lighted facilities. The facilities are open Tuesday, Thursday and weekends.

4200 South Four Mile Run Drive
Arlington, VA 22204
(703) 228-0700

Baseball field at Barcroft Park

Barcroft is a part of what makes Arlington such a great place to live.

For more information or to set up an appointment call Stuart at (703)765-0300.

Live near Jennie Dean Park in Arlington VA

Jennie Dean Park

Jennie Dean Park is situated at 3630 27th St. S Arlington, VA 22206. Found near Shirlington, the park is a part of the Arlington County Parks System.

Jennie Dean Parks accommodates a small picnic shelter, picnic tables, charcoal grills, two water fountains and restrooms. The picnic shelter may even be reserved for  events. It also has a playground for kids, 2 Baseball fields, 2 Tennis courts and 1 Basketball court. Tennis and Basketball courts are lighted.

Available By Permit:

  • 1 adult Baseball field with lights, dirt infield, bleachers and a dugout.
  • 1 youth Baseball field with lights, dirt infield, bleachers and a dugout.

Also available Without A permit is a large open green space for sports.

Homes for sale near Jennie Dean

Properties in 22206

Other Communities in Arlington VA

Arlington County is organized into unincorporated "urban villages". Our website highlights several of these villages and other areas in Arlington County.


Aubrey NesbittAbout the Author --- Aubrey Nesbitt is a native of Northern Virginia who attended Virginia Commonwealth University. He is a veteran of the US Army and helps his family business by providing informational articles like this one. In addition to photography and blogging, Aubrey provides administrative support for the office.

Luckett Skate Park

Luckett Field Skate Park

Luckett Field is a 5.6 acre baseball/softball field near the intersection of Duke St. and Wheeler. Part of the grounds is dedicated to the Luckett Field Skate Park.

The skate park is frequented by children and adults of all ages and is considered a safe-family friendly park. The park is styled as a street course with lots of different rails. There are several quarter pipes, a 6-7 foot halfpipe. In addition to several different sized banks, there is a pyramid, kicker ramp, grind box, manual pad, and ledges. The park also has a big 3 stair set. There is no bowl.

There is no admission to the park. This park doesn’t require pads, but I recommend them.

The skatepark is open seven days a week beginning at 9 am. The hours are seasonal, so the park will close at 5 pm through March. Skaters must be 6 years old to use the skatepark, and those under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Alexandria Lighthouse

The park lies in the shadow of the George Washington National Masonic Memorial (aka the Alexandria Lighthouse, the Masonic Temple) in Alexandria. The skyline of Carlyle is visible from the park. There are many upscale (and a few downscale) neighborhoods very close by.

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Homes For Sale Near Upton Hill Regional Park and Seven Corners

Upton Hill Regional Park, located at 6060 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia near the Arlington and Fairfax County line at the intersection of Patrick Henry Drive and Wilson Boulevard. Upton Hill offers local residents and visitors alike a versatile, wooded recreational commons in the heart of one of the most densely populated areas of Northern Virginia. The park features an outdoor swimming pool complex that includes a lap pool, a full-sized recreational pool, a separate kiddie pool, multiple water slides, and a children’s water house with a huge bucket that fills up with water and empties out onto everyone in its path!  The park also features a deluxe miniature golf course as well as batting cages that include baseball and softball both.

Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority

Although the park facilities are presently closed for the winter season, the park itself remains open every day for hiking, picnicking, and playing on the playground. The batting cages and mini-golf facilities will open for the season in March. The water park and swimming pool complex will opens Memorial Day weekend.

Upton Hill Regional Park is a great venue with a wide range of activities that provide fun for the whole family! In 2007, the Park’s facilities underwent a $2 million renovation as part of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority’s effort to attract local residents and visitors to an innovative, public facility representative of both the area and the local governments’ commitment to its community.

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