House of Dynasty serves Chinese Dishes

House of Dynasty is located at Hayfield Plaza Shopping Center, 7550 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria, VA 22315. House of Dynasty phone number 703-922-5210. Ingredients include poultry, beef, vegetable, and other items. Interior dining, welcome. Memorials and artwork themed Oriental. House of Dynasty is near Stoneybrooke, Woodstone, Richmond Highway, Springfield, and Fort Belvoir exit(s). To order while being polite a serving of various dishes shared amongst company can make for plentiful sampling during free range discussion. Nuance at end, fortune cookie and signature sweets.

House of Dynasty rests distant of Telegraph Road aside secluded shopping center near Hayfield High School and prior Hill Top training facility, golf sport

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Gourmet Asian with a Social Atmosphere

East Moon Asian Bistro is located in the Kingstowne Shopping center at 5920 Kingstowne Center, Alexandria Virginia 22315. The restaurant features two bars and a dining area. Inside East Moon hosts a popular social hang out. The food here ranges from a variety of Asian dishes. Nearby there are several neighborhoods with homes for sale.