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Giving & Receiving: Volunteering at Petco

I have found through my own personal experience that volunteering to help shelter dogs at the Petco on Rt1 is very rewarding. To see the joy of dogs (old & young) leaving their store (where they wait for adoption), to go outside for fresh air, is very uplifting. Feeling a slight tug on the other end of the leash, while seeing four legs scrambling on the tile as we approach the automatic sliding glass door. Once outside, the dogs are happy to follow me in any direction, whether it be towards Target, Beacon Mall, or elsewhere. And for me, I’m happy just to see them around their little world.

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Wild Weekend Fun! The Smithsonian National Zoo

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park is a great activity to do on the weekend for animal lovers and tourists alike. For those living in Arlington, Virginia, the zoo is a nice local place to visit due to its proximity to home. Open 364 days a year and home to 2,000 animals and over 400 different species, the National Zoo is a nice free place to visit any time of the year. The park is 163 acres and set in the center of Washington, DC.

Animals include cheetahs, elephants, anteaters, clouded leopards, gorillas, monkeys, foxes, tigers, and giant pandas. There are also bird houses with hundreds of beautifully colored and ornamented feather creatures. The park features several reptiles and amphibian houses and also has an extravagant collection of marine animals including the cow of the sea, the manatee.

Perhaps the most famous of all inhabitants of the Zoo are the giant pandas Mei Xiang and baby Tian Tian. They are housed under a Giant Panda Cooperative Research and Breeding Agreement with the China Wildlife Conservation Association. They will be at the Smithsonian Zoo until at least 2015 and are the focus of research regarding conservation, breeding, and preservation of these lovable furry bears.

The Zoo is located at 3001 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC 20008 and is accessible by the Red Line Metro at the Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan stop. Parking is $15 for the first three hours and $20 for the next three. For more information: nationalzoo.si.edu

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A Weekend at the Zoo without the Drive! Petland

Located on 9404-A Main Street Fairfax, Va 22031, Petland is a quaint and cozy pet store great for children and people of all ages. The store serves as a both a place to purchase and adopt puppies and kittens of all sizes. The store is also a clinic for animals to get spayed or neutered.

What makes Petland inherently different from other pet supply stores is that is specializes in puppy sales. All sorts of breeds including Border Collies, Basset Hounds, American Eskimos, Malteses, Miniature Schnauzers, Chihuahuas, and Shih-Tzus from all sorts of countries world wide are for sale at Petland. Any store visitor over 18 with proper identification can reserve a play room to interact and meet the puppies before actually taking one home.

The store sells rabbits, rats, mice, fish, puppies, and chinchillas. Petland has a large variety of products ranging from pet leashes to animal medications and is a kid-friendly environment.

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Prince William Forest Park Protecting Nature’s Blessings

With a history of logging and over-cultivation, 17,000 acres of Prince William Forest Park is now home of tranquility for nature’s blessings where families and friends can visit. Located 32 miles away south of Washington DC and 22 miles north of Fredericksburg, Prince William Forest Park was also named as Chopawamsic Recreation Demonstration Area years ago, carefully shelters the federally threatened orchid Isotria medeoloides, a small whorled pogonia and the Eastern Box Turtle which a type of reptile with the longest life span as well as many other species.


Bird watching for migratory birds and songbirds can be anticipated. A complete list of bird species can be availed at the Visitor Center. But birds aren’t the only animals to be seen. Deer, Beavers and even wild turkeys can be sighted in this beautiful forest.


As long as you have a Virginia fishing license, anglers can take a shot at fishing for catfish, crappie, pickerel, perch bluegill and even bass. State and federal regulations are strictly imposed while fishing licenses are not sold at the visitor center.


37 miles of trails can be explored within the park offering visitors a tranquil and calm ambiance for variety of purposes such as vigorous activities, nature study or perhaps just a moment to be alone.


Keep a guide handy from the visitor center where information on restrooms, water, parking as well as paved and unpaved roads and you are set to enjoy 21 miles of bicycling with nature blessed scenery.


Picnic areas are allotted with tables, grills, trash bins, water and restrooms.


Programs are held by rangers for those wishing to focus more on the study of the environment.

The most favored option of exploring and discovering Prince William Forest Park’s history is by taking a hike on the 4 mile geology trail that showcases geologic change within its 570 million years. Schools can even have trips arranged for their students on give children an on hand study of their lessons and to mold them into being environmentally responsible.