Your move-out process and deposit return will go smoother if you take a moment to read over the following items. Please call if you have any questions. Good luck with your move! When your lease ends, you and all items belonging to you must be out of the property unless other arrangements are made in writing.

Give proper notice before moving
Even if your lease is ending, you have to give your landlord a written notice in advance of the time you move out. (This is because most leases have renewal clauses.) Your lease should state how much time is enough notice. Usually you must give Nesbitt Realty written notice that you plan to move at least 30 days before the rent is due, but under some circumstances your lease may require 60 days notice. Please check your lease.

Move-out Date vs. Lease End Date
Although your lease most likely ends the last day of your final month, we know that tenants often move sooner than the actual last day. In other words, your move-out date may be sooner than your lease ending date. When that happens, there is a chance for you to receive a partial rebate of your final month’s rent.

You can receive a rebate, if we move a new tenant in before the end of the month. If it so happens that you are going to vacate early and would like to have this rebate opportunity, please let us know in writing of your actual move-out date so that we may offer a corresponding move-in date to new tenant prospects. Once received, we will hold you to this earlier date so please be certain of your plans. Otherwise, you must be finished, out of the property, and have the keys to our office by no later than 5PM of the last day of your lease. No extra or holdover days will be allowed beyond your move-out date.


Your Move-Out Meeting
The purpose of the move-out inspection is to make sure that all the belongings that you are taking have been removed and to collect the keys.
The purpose of the move-out inspection is not to create an action list that the tenant must complete in order to secure a return of the deposit. The purpose of the move-out meeting is not to argue what charges will me made and what repairs are needed.
It may be helpful if at move-out you remind the agent of any pre-existing conditions which were noted on the move-in and are still evident. It is not helpful to argue the condition of the property at that point as the person doing the move-out meeting has no role in deciding how much deposit will be refunded to the tenant.
When the keys are turned in, the tenancy is at an end and any repairs or cleaning must be managed by the Landlord or the Landlord’s agent. It is possible (and it often happens) that some damage to the property is not obvious during the 5 minutes of the move-out meeting.
Even if the damage is not noticed during the move-out meeting, the tenant is still responsible for cleaning and repair expenses.