Anxious About A Purchase Price Of $245,000 For A Garden-Style Condo In Alexandria, VA?

Photo of 1507 Belle View Blvd #A2

Should you worry about buying a home in Fairfax County? Yes, there are potential issues of concern. But, it’s unwise to get worried sick—especially if you have a Fairfax County Realtor like Julie Nesbitt who understands Belle View details and can tell you about real estate in 22307 and all over Alexandria. This will help you avoid many potential problems. What are some of the potential issues?

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Prices And Pics Of Real Estate At Mt Vernon Manor

$554,900 at Mt Vernon Manor

Take a look at what’s new at Mt Vernon Manor.

It’s vital to find a real estate professional like Julie Nesbitt who will take the time to listen and understand your goals. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your present needs, but a buyer should also think about reselling his purchase of real estate in Alexandria. The best time to thinking about selling? Before you buy.

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Home For Sale At Dean, Jennie Dean, And Waynewood Elementary Schools District In The City Of Manassas

Call Stuart at (703)765-0300
The community is not only a part of the Dean, Jennie Dean, and Waynewood Elementary Schools district, but residents here also enjoy . 9340 Gloxinia Way is close to . For help finding a home in the Dean, Jennie Dean, and Waynewood Elementary Schools school district, talk to buyer’s agent Stuart Nesbitt. Very patient and knowledgeable, Stuart Nesbitt always has time when buyers have questions or concerns about the process or real estate in Manassas.
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5 Bedroom Real Estate In Fairfax County For $2,499,000

Photo of 9325 Old Mansion Rd
This 5 bedroom property in 22309 at Riverwood is asking $2,499,000. Pro Tip: find a buyer’s agent like Stuart Nesbitt who is a full-time expert on real estate in 22309.Not everybody is cut out to own a home in Alexandria, and if you’re one of those people, it’s better to find this out now than when you’re under contract. Stuart Nesbitt can give you an honest and objective assessment of your situation and goals to help you determine whether you should buy in Fairfax County.
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Collingwood Library and Museum

The Collingwood Foundation‘s main building and grounds, which were once part of George Washington’s River Farm, are south of Alexandria on the banks of the Potomac River, surrounded by woods and gardens. The mission of the foundation is to foster an appreciation of our American Heritage by sharing these facilities with all. There are three components to achieving this mission.

Firstly, the Collingwood Library on Americanism boasts a library of more than five thousand volumes on American heritage. Secondly, the Collingwood Museum is home to an eclectic collection of Americana. Lastly, the foundation opens the grounds to serve as a venue for weddings, corporate gatherings and other private events. are available for weddings, receptions and other private functions.

Collingwood, as the whole is generally referred to, is primarily dependent upon contributions from the public and income from third party events. Collingwood is comprised of a historic mansion between the Potomac and the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Today the property is approximately 8.7 acres but the property was once a part of George Washington’s estate of his River Farm at Mount Vernon. Collingwood was purchased by George Washington in 1760. River Farm was the largest of the five working farms all of which were a part of his Mount Vernon estate. Collingwood’s namesake was a member of the British forces at the Battle of Bunker Hill and in 1805 an Admiral commanding a portion of the British fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar.

The original house constructed in 1792 was a modest one, but in time there were at least three major additions to the house. From a small two-room house to its current condition as a colonial mansion the property has had many occupants and usages over time. Over the course of the last two and half centuries, Collingwood has been home to farmers, a ferry operator, airline crew members, and Intelligence School students. For a part of the 20th Century, Collingwood served up meals as an area restaurant.

But time took a toll on Colingwood and by 1977 it was no more than overgrown, neglected land and a much vandalized building that only hinted at the history found here. At that time a group of dedicated National Sojourners obtained the property. took possession of the property. Presently, the Foundation for Collingwood Library and Museum on Americanism, with offices for Headquarters National Sojourners, maintains and occupies the property.

Collingwood Library and Museum consists of a historic mansion that houses thousands of books and artifacts relating to the history of America. As part of George Washington’s River Farm, our rich history had many of our founding fathers walking this land in our nation’s infancy. Nestled on approximately 8.7 acres on the Potomac River off the George Washington Memorial Parkway in Alexandria, VA, Collingwood is available for conferences, retreats, business meetings and weddings.