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Jefferson Manor is in the Penn Daw / Huntington area of Fairfax County in close proximity to the Huntington Metro. This community lies between North Kings Highway at the Huntington Metro and Telegraph Road on its approach to I-495 the Beltway. The hallmark of the neighborhood is that it is relatively quiet despite being a few steps from the Metro and a block from the Beltway.

Jefferson Manor Park is at the heart of the community. The park is administrated by Fairfax County and has a large field, a picnic shelter and a few groves of trees.

Most of these duplex townhouses were built in the late 1940's, and the construction prices of that era define the neighborhood in many ways. The homes are sturdy, many with all brick exteriors, all with some brick exteriors. The construction is built-to-last with materials and construction practices no longer employed today. Most homes have small porches out front, many have decks in back. The lawns are large by the standards of modern townhouses, and most townhouses here have off-street driveways.

The typical duplex townhouse here has two small bedrooms upstairs with a single full bath. The living room / dining room runs the length of the house downstairs. The house has hardwood floors throughout, but the upstairs is often carpeted. Many units have refinished floors that are beautiful.

The kitchens, like many in the 1940's, were built with a different philosophy than we see today. Today the kitchen is a part of the living space and is open and connected to the family room or living room. In the 1940's the idea was that a kitchen was like a laundry room. It was small as possible and hidden away where visitors couldn't see the mess.

Downstairs is the basement. Most townhouses have a large room that is either a third bedroom or a family room. Many have a second bathroom downstairs and a laundry room at the rear of the home.


This floorplan is found throughout Jefferson Manor, but the years have been kind to these townhouses. Owing to the great location and the ample lawns, many people have built-out rather than move-out. That is to say, many of these townhouses have been expanded, updated and built-on. In some cases the addition rivals the size of the original structure.

A few of these townhouses have been completely tricked out with additions, decks, hot-tubes, large kitchens and so forth. A small number have had little or no care over the years. The brick wears well and newcomers often seek out the neglected homes in the hopes of building-out in a manner that most suits their needs.

The neighborhood remains relevant and sought after because it is so close to the Huntington Metro and because the homes are well-built. Although they were originally nearly identical, there is a wide selection in the neighborhood now. From dilapidated to updated, from tiny to trick-out, from standard to super, there are a lot of choices here on the hill.

Jefferson Manor offers affordably priced townhouses with easy access to I-495 and the Huntington Metro station. Jefferson Manor Park is at the center of the community. Residents are close to shopping and several major commuter routes, yet the neighborhood is still relatively quiet. The community is served by Mount Eagle Elementary School, Twain Middle School and Edison High School.

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Renting is a good way to get some firsthand experience with a neighborhood. Renting can let you sign a 1 year lease, say in a Shirlington 2 bedroom condo for example, with the option to continue, if you like the neighborhood. An advantage of this is you can test the waters, to see if you really love the features of this neighborhood or not. If you don’t like where you’re at, say for example, if the 4 bedroom, 2 story home in Lorton is not your style, you can always relocate to another place.

Pay as You Go

Many Americans live pay check to pay check. Upfront, you will have a security deposit, with a rate that depends on your credit score. If you have a good credit score, your property manager might only charge 1 months’ rent, for a security deposit. On the other hand, if you have a poor credit score, your property manager might charge 2 months’ rent, for a security deposit. After this initial fee (which can be refunded if you meet the requirements like passing the move out inspection), it’s nice to know that after a chunk of your paycheck is put into your monthly rent, there’s a good portion left for bills, necessities, and fun expenditures, like neighborhood nightlife or personal hobbies.

Short Term Commitment & Little Investment

Not sure if you want to stay in Northern Virginia, as a Washington DC commuting, GS-5? Do you have plans of living in California and seeing Napa Valley, Los Angeles, and San Francisco firsthand? Are you Active duty military, with upcoming orders for a new assignment, with no interest in the responsibility of becoming a homeowner? If so, these questions might make you lean towards renting, as opposed to buying. It’s nice to know that as a renter, you won’t have to worry about footing the bill for a repair on a roof that is falling apart, paying a monthly a condo fee (that could range anywhere from $150-$700), or paying the bill for a lawn service to pick up the leaves from your $1,000,000 Mount Vernon home, in fall. Overall, renting can be cheaper up front, but it isn’t for everyone. Also, who says you can’t just buy later?

Build Your Credit While You Sock Away Savings for a Down Payment

Paying your bills on time is an excellent way to build your credit score, and to show lenders that you know how to manage your money. If you are frugal, you can take a chip off each pay check, to build up a savings for buying a home in the future. The return on applying your savings to the purchase of the home of your dreams can be exponential. For those with an eye on the future, being a responsible tenant can prepare you financially and teach you the accountability necessary for home ownership.


Spending time with friends can make for priceless memories. Living together can be fun and slightly cheaper than going solo. The process of getting a group of friends together to rent out a property can be a very rewarding and challenging process. A Nesbitt Realty Realtor, like Stuart Nesbitt, can help make the later stages of finding and renting a property simple. There are many different neighborhoods in Northern Virginia to choose from, that can fit your specific needs (such as being metro accessible, having a main street, Being near a good school, being luxurious, being a certain type of building style [e.g. high-rise or garden style, for example] ,being affordable, or even being off the beaten path).



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