Alexandria, Virginia. Battery Rodgers overlooking the Potomac, near Jones’ Point

Alexandria, Virginia (vicinity). Battery Rodgers overlooking the Potomac near Jones’ Point

Jones Point Park has undergone changes since the time when this was a Battery Rodgers overlooking the Potomac.

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Columbia Pike, mid 1930

Columbia Pike is a major transportation hub in Arlington, Virginia.

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Tanglewood is in Arlington

1960’s North Vermont St, between Glebe Rd. and Carlin Springs Rd.

1960’s North Vermont St, between Glebe Rd. and Carlin Springs Rd.

Glebe Rd. is in Arlington, Virginia.

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House with wide frontyard

Alexandria City Hall, in 1890

Alexandria City Hall in 1890

Alexandria City Hall in 1890.

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North Springfield, in 1955

A picture showing North Springfield in 1955.

View of the United States Capitol, in 1919

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The White House photographed from the National Mall

Dewitt Army Hospital, Fort Belvoir when it opened in 1957.

Fairfax County Real Estate

Belle Haven is one of many communities we feature in Fairfax County VA.

Fairfax County is one of the largest counties in Virginia and one of the most prosperous counties in the nation. Much of the Capital Beltway lies in Fairfax County, but most of Fairfax County is just outside the Beltway. Fairfax County ranges widely in price, density and accessibility.

Parade in Old Town Alexandria, in 1921

This image depicts the Harrisonburg Hose Co. in the Firemen Parade in Alexandria Virginia back in 1921. Old Town has been the scene of many festivals, parades and activities down through the years.

Harrisonburg Hose Co. Firemen Parade Alexandria

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History of Mount Eagle

Mount Eagle was the home of Lord Bryan Fairfax, eighth Baron of Cameron, and son of Colonel William and Deborah Clark Fairfax of Belvoir. During the Revolutionary War the Fairfax family remained loyal to the crown. Bryan Fairfax used all influence  to dissuade his friend and neighbor George Washington from taking any part against the mother country, but in spite of their difference of opinion, they always remained close friends.