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Obtaining pre-approval from a bank is a daunting process.  It is time consuming both due to the delay and because of the amount of paperwork required to satisfy a lender of your credit status.

It is, without a doubt, the most pressing matter before beginning your home search.  Proceeding without this step can lead to angst and lost time, energy and opportunities.  Without pre-approval you’ll be facing the following pitfalls very quickly:

  • Offers will be rejected in favor of lower offers by pre-approved buyers.
  • Delays can result as you await approval by your bank.
  • Too late you may find the home you are looking at is beyond your budget



  • A better home could have been yours if you’d known what you could afford
  • Time can disappear into looking at homes that disappear from the market before you’re ready to make an offer and
  • Effort invested into your search can be wasted as you await pre-approval to have an effective offer.

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Stuart Nesbitt is a Realtor® licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. His office is located in Fairfax County near the City of Alexandria in Belle Haven. He was born and raised in Northern Virginia and attended Fairfax County schools. Call him at any time to discuss your real estate needs.

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  1. For persons seeking to purchase Real Estate, the idea of capital should be of utmost importance, therefore, pre-approvals become imperative. Many individuals may ask if pre-approval is necessary due to its lengthy process however, its in the best interest of the buyer to ensure that they have their pre-approvals before home hunting.

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