Here are some common questions to ask your agent, your mortgage broker and yourself when you are thinking of buying a condo.

  • How much can I afford per month?
  • Is the condo is my price range?
  • Is the community that I like?
    • Where are the grocery stores, shopping malls, bars?
  • Is there enough space for my needs?
  • What is the condition of the condo unit?
  • Do the common areas need repairs, renovations?
  • How old is the condo?
  • Is there a parking facility?
    • Is parking assigned?
    • Is there a fee to park?
    • Is there guest parking and if so where?
  • Does the condominium have access to public transportation?
    • Metro or bus only?
    • Shuttle or Limo service?
  • What are the chances that this condo will increase in value?
  • What type of security system is in place?
  • Does the condominium association allow pets? If so how many and what type?
  • What are the condo fees and what they include?
  • What is the condo association policy about renters?
  • How much is in the reserve fund?
  • Does the condo association have a certificate of insurance?

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