Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Kings Dominion is a great place for families and children of all ages to enjoy a day off. The amusement park is owned by Paramount and is the only major theme park in Virginia (there is a Six Flags in Baltimore, Maryland). The park includes several roller coasters, a concert hall, and a water park is about two hours from Northern Virginia.

Kings Dominion is home to fifteen roller coasters including the Volcano, the Anaconda, the Intimidator 305, Flight of Fear, and the Dominator. The park offers an extensive collection of water attractions as well, many that are great for young children.

Paramount and the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company has partnered with the children’s network Nickelodeon to provide genuine andĀ authenticĀ live action performances of some favorite novelty characters. Dora the Explorer, Spongebob, and Diego can all be seen at the park.

When planning a visit, be sure to purchase tickets online for a great discount. Starting in April, the park will be open on weekends and certain holidays/weeks. Season passes are now available online for the 2011 season. The park is located on 16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047.

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