I can think of a number of things my children prefer to do when the weather starts to get warmer.   However, since learning how to swim the first thing they ask is to go swimming.  I wasn’t all that familiar with my options and the fortunate thing is that many of the subdivisions around here come with clubhouses and swimming pools.  Unfortunately, even that can get old to kids.  I took a friend up on a suggestion to try a local waterpark in Reston.   We had several to choose from and decided to give Water Mine a try.

Upon arrival, it was surprising that in a seemingly regular neighborhood a waterpark existed.  We drove down this road that looks like we were going into the woods and up popped this waterpark.  Obviously with all the screaming my kids were doing, they were definitely excited.  We found a place to park and were happy that even though we forgot to pack a lunch they had a concession stand that offered all types of goodies to eat.  The pricing was very reasonable and it was a beautiful day to take advantage of the all-day ticket.  They had several slide options and the park was arranged in to sections suitable for certain ages.

We stayed for a few hours and decided to head home.  I asked my kids if they would like to come back and they were excited at just the thought of returning.  Although we are still hanging on to the last remnants of Winter, it is good to know that you have options when swimsuit weather returns and you don’t have to go far to enjoy it.

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