I went here over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how much there is to do in such a small area.  Reston Town Center is situated right off the Dulles Toll Road and hidden behind some pretty tall office buildings.  Your first impression would make you think you were in a major officeplex that is designated just for businesses.  In any case, walking up and down the street was pretty impressive.  I spoke to a few people along the way and they said that it was a beautiful place to come during the holiday season.  They have an ice skating rink that is open during the winter season and it ends around mid-March.  Although, I’m not one for skating, the fact that it was outdoors appealed to me.

I enjoyed the outdoor shopping experience.  We decided to get a bite to eat and settled on eating at Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food.  I liked the décor of the restaurant and it seemed extremely warm and inviting.  The hostess was real nice and it wasn’t too crowded when we went, so they were extremely attentive.  The menu was uncomplicated and I like how you weren’t overwhelmed with choices.  We started off with a cocktail which was delish.  Since we were starving, I skipped the appetizer and went right for the main course.  I decided on their grouper on top of a cauliflower mash.  The funny thing is that I hate cauliflower!  However, I didn’t even think it was cauliflower, since it appeared like mashed potatoes. It was the best vegetable I had eaten in a long time.  We finished our dining experience with their white chocolate bread pudding.  Let me pause for a moment and have a moment of silence……..for the best desert I believe ever existed in a chain restaurant.  Maybe it was the way the caramel puddled in the center of the mini Bundt cake?  Or perhaps the vanilla bean ice cream melted on the side since the desert is served warm.  In any case, it was an out of this world experience.  OMG, how could I forget the complementary bread basket we received at the beginning of the meal?  It was simply awesome.  Needless to say we left there completely stuffed and satisfied with the $90 bill we received.

We left the restaurant and continued our stroll.  People seemed to be pretty excited about what the little strip had to offer and they had every reason to be.  If you are ever in the area and need some place new to try or experience, I would suggest giving Reston Town Center a go.

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