Northern Virginia is growing for a number of reasons.  Many have settled here to get away from the city and found that it has a home town feel that is just right.  The area has experienced a significant increase in residents that have families with children.  As a result, many builders have found a way to cater to this desire and spend as much time selling a lifestyle as they do a property.  When driving throughout the area it’s hard to miss all of the schools, shopping centers, grocery stores, and play grounds.

Towns such as Leesburg have managed to keep their sense of history while welcoming the expanding county line.  They have had to make adjustments like every other town in the area to accommodate the amount of children that are constantly enrolling.  In Loudoun County alone, they expand by adding at least one or two schools a year.  The interesting thing is that despite the amount of children, families continue to have rave reviews about the class sizes and education that many across the United States would love to experience.  Loudoun has ranked among the top tier school systems in the country.

To preserve the neighborhood feel, just about every subdivision has about a five to ten minute drive to the nearest shopping center that is filled with shops, restaurants, and gas stations.  Many small businesses have been able to survive despite the economy due to this concept.  Grocery stores have catered to the areas professionals by adding services like Express Lane and Peapod where they do your grocery shopping for you.  On the weekends, parking lots across the region are filled with Farmer’s Markets.

It is possible to live in a great home town minutes away from the city.  In 2005, it was impossible to purchase a house without twenty bids being on the property within the hour of it being listed.   With the softening of the economy and housing market, this area has remained a top preference for those still looking to realize the American dream and raise a family.  Northern Virginia is a great testament to this fact and precisely why it will only continue to grow.

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