Mountain View Alternative High school is one of the great unique opportunities in northern Virginia, or more specifically, Fairfax County. Located in Centreville at 5775 Spindle Court Centreville, VA 20121, this school is tucked away from the rest of the extremely busy school. When in high school you can apply to go here, and I would say that it is well worth the effort.

Mountain View is a completely unique learning experience. Where most high schools in the area have around three thousand students, Mountain View has a maximum of three hundred at a time. At base school any student needs at least for years to graduate, but at Mountain you can graduate in only two. Mountain View upholds the ideals of family, love, and respect.

Mountain View obtains these goals of graduating early by making the classes smaller and more personal. Each student has plenty of one on one time with the teacher and can set their own pace. They have no age limit and offer evening classes as well for anyone who needs a leg up, or a late diploma. Mountain View is also surrounded by many good restaurants within walking distance. This is very good because there is an open campus lunch policy, at which time the students are free to go wherever they would like for a forty-five minute lunch break. In this way, and many other ways, Mountain View gives back to it’s surrounding community.

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